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Marilyn Manson
Band Member's


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Band Name Given name at birth Date of Birth Instrument Date joined MM Previous bands.
Marilyn Manson Brian Warner Jan 1969 Vocals,some keyboards and guitar 1989 Satans on Fire + other minor projects.
Twiggy Ramirez Jeordie Francis White 20 June 1971 Bass & Guitars 1994 Amboog-A-Lard.

John 5 John Lowery 31 July 1971 Guitar 1998 Two, FroSTed, Red Square Black, DLR Band, backed Leah Anderone and k.d. lang.
Ginger Fish Frank Kenny Wilson 28 September 1966 Drums 1995 Backed Paul Anka and Barry Manilow.

Madonna Wayne Gacy Stephen Gregory Bier Jr 6 March 1964 Keyboards 1989 None.